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Contact Mum Network

Our Club offers a fantastic scheme to new and expectant multiple mums: the Contact Mum Network.  When you complete the membership form for the Club we ask whether you woud be interested in being a Contact Mum.  You can choose to have contact with another member with practical experience of having twins or triplets and arrange to meet up or talk on the phone about any queries you may have or help you may need both before or after the birth.

The amount of contact you choose is guided by you, and your needs, it may just be a simple chat to ask a couple of questions or more practical help.  The aim is to put you in touch with someone who has experience in the same area you are interested in such as breastfeeding, triplets or premature birth.

" My contact mum still is, three and a half years later.  I met her when I was expecting triplets.  I picked her brains for suggestions to keep me sane and took up every one!  She is a fantastic mum and now a great friend too!"