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Health & Safety Policy

This Health & Safety policy has been drawn up to help ensure the safe enjoyment of the coffee morning by all attending.  Please take note of its contents.

Leamington Spa and District Twins Club is a membership club run by and for families with multiples.  As part of its activities it runs a coffee morning at which it aims to provide a healthy, safe environment for babies and toddlers to play and learn.  The coffee morning is intended to provide a fun environment for babies and toddlers and a relaxing environment for their carers.  Older siblings may also attend during school holidays, but their carers should pay particular attention to the safety issues, which larger children may pose.

All children should be accompanied to the coffee morning by a known carer and remain the responsibility of that carer throughout the duration of the event.  All adults attending the coffee morning are expected to take a joint responsibility for the welfare of all those attending by reporting any health or safety concerns to the Baby and Toddler Key Person (Alison or Michelle)

Access (as required through our contract)

The Village Hall in Leek Wootton is accessed through a front door, which should remain secured at all times.  The coffee morning makes use of the main hall, entrance foyer, kitchen facilities, bathroom facilities and outside play area. Children should not be allowed to access the kitchen or bathroom facilities unaccompanied.

Pushchairs should be left in the foyer area and should not block the main exit from the building as this may need to be used in an emergency.  Items may be left in the foyer, but all possessions remain the responsibility of the owner.

Food and drink

A snack and drink are provided for toddlers attending the coffee morning.  Carers are responsible for encouraging children to sit at the tables provided to eat and drink.  Hot drinks are provided for carers and particular care should be taken to ensure that these are out of reach of children and secure.

Carers may bring other drinks and snacks to the toddler group, but these must not include nut products in case of allergic reaction by other children attending.  When offering food to other children, carers must ensure that the other child's carer is aware of the ingredients (eg wheat or dairy).

Sickness and attendance

Children with an infectious disease (eg chicken pox), a temperature or who have vomited within 12 hours may not attend the coffee morning.  It would be preferable if children with headlice did not attend, but if they do, their carer must inform the Baby and Toddler Key Person.

The carer must inform the Baby and Toddler Key Person in the event of any child being found to carry an infectious disease after attending the coffee morning. Attempts will then be made to inform all those who were also in attendance at that session.

General Safety and Hygiene

Carers are asked to report any concerns about the safety or hygiene of equipment and toys to the Baby and Toddler Key Person who will ensure that broken equipment or toys are disposed of or mended and that safety issues are addressed appropriately.

It is the responsibility of all carers to clean up any spilled bodily fluids in any areas used by the coffee morning and thereby to ensure appropriate levels of hygiene.

First Aid

In the event of an injury, carers are responsible for the delivery of first aid to their charges. However, a first aid box is available from the Baby and Toddler Key Person. A note of any incidents will be taken to ensure that any necessary health and safety adjustments are implemented.