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Being a Contact Mum

One of the fantastic things that Leamington Spa and District Twins Club offers to support new and expectant multiple mums is the contact mum network.

When you complete the annual membership form for the club we ask whether you would be interested in being a contact mum. We always have a great response to this and we have also had mums asking what this would involve. In an effort to describe this in the best way possible I have asked members to comment on what having a contact mum or being a contact mum has meant to them. Here is what they said:

"Having a contact mum is a vital link when you first find out you are carrying more than one baby. You need to know that other people have managed, find out how they did it, what happened during their pregnancy, how did they cope following the birth. Support from the midwife is not so good unless she has had experience with multiples. The consultants only seemed to have limited information and theirs was more medical than practical."

"I had a contact mum from the twins club when I was pregnant as I wanted to breastfeed and most twin mums at that time seemed to be bottle feeding. Someone called me who had fed for several months and we just had a chat on the phone about twins in general, and how feeding had gone."

"For me it meant there was someone I could ring if I had a query. She also rang a few times and we met up which was really good. I think it is an excellent idea especially for me who had no family support nearby."

"I was a contact mum, although there wasn't much my mum really needed to know. I do think it makes it less daunting coming to the Tuesday Toddler group if you know someone there already."

"[My contact mum]...still is 3 ½ years later. I met her when I was expecting triplets and I was so relieved to see how well behaved they were and how fantastically well [she] coped. I picked her brains for suggestions to keep me same and took up every one! Without her I would have gone demented. She is a fantastic mum and now a great friend too!"

"Once I knew I was pregnant with twins the emotions ranged from excitement to utter terror at the thought... so it was great to know I could just give [my contact mum] a call at any time, bombard her with questions and feel a lot more comfortable in the fact that she knew exactly what I was going through."

"Having a contact mum personalised the club for me and gave me a friendly face at Tuesday coffee mornings. It meant there was someone who I could spend some time talking to ... and not feel stupid asking questions.  I didn't make a lot of use of my contact mum but it was nice to know she was there if I needed advice."

"I had a contact mum at the beginning which I found very beneficial. Giving me ideas on positions for feeding (though I bottlefed in the end)."

"Being a contact mum feels great when you know you have done it yourself and you can offer advice to other mums who felt just like you did. Only problem is finding time to spend with the person as you are generally busy yourself but there are lots of ways such as email and telephone."

(Thank you to everyone who sent in their experiences to put this together)

If you are interested in becoming a contact mum you can sign up using the membership renewal forms which come out in the Summer. If you can't wait that long (!) please contact Ruth at