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This months survey covers different types of beakers/cups with spouts, it would appear from the responses given that most people at the Tuesday morning Toddler Group have tried several types before settling on their preferred one. Again many thanks to everyone who took time to contribute.

Beakers seem to fall into two broad categories; those with simple spouts and those with some kind of valve to prevent accidental spills, out survey covers examples of both types.

Starting with beakers/cups with valves, first on our list was the Anyway-Up-Cup which like several other cups has a silicon valve in the spout to stop spills. Several people had tried this cup with mixed results, the no spill aspect was praised by all but many commented that the valve made it difficult for the children to get anything out, although water or juice were easier to extract than milk. The simple, easy to clean design was also a good point as well as the difficult to remove lids; less likely to come off when dropped!

Next was the Avent Magic Cup, this is a whole system that progresses from a normal bottle and teat, then moves on to a bottle with a soft spout and finally a bottle with handles and a hard spout, the spouts having non-spill valves. The main comment was with the spouts it was difficult to get anything out of the bottle.

Another progressive system is the Mothercare GrowingupCup this is less sophisticated that the Avent system, it consists of a beaker with a spout that has a two speed silicon valve; slow for younger babies, fast for older ones or the valve can be completely removed. Once again the comment was that it was difficult to get liquid out. The screw tops were good as they were less likely to come off accidentally and the beaker could be used without the valve.

Finally in this section the Tommee Tippee EasyFlo Cup again this can be a system that progresses from bottle to beaker, the beaker having a soft spout with a plastic prong type valve and a flip over lid. Although this beaker uses a different type of valve to stop spills the comments were still that it was difficult to get anything out and that it was fiddley to clean.

Of the more basic type of beakers several people had tried the Boots Cup these have a hard spout with a single large hole and a flip over lid for travel. Everyone agreed that it was easy for the children to drink from them, but no valve means more spills and the snap on lids often snapped off if dropped.

Another simple design that many people had tried was the Tommee Tippee Flip Spout cup, again one large hole meant it was praise for it's ease of use and the flip up spout was good for travel. There were however conflicting views on how well the lids stayed on but this might depend on how high your highchairs are! One point was raised; as these type of cups are very popular so they do get shared around a bit.

Over all the verdict seems to have been that the cups with valves are good if you're worried about spills but it may be more difficult to get anything out of them whereas if you're not too bothered about spills a simple cup is fine, even better if you can that it out and about.