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A slightly more concise survey this month as fewer of the parents at the Tuesday Toddler group have moved on to highchairs; so thank you very much to those who were kind enough to give their comments and on with the rundown.

Starting with highchairs that aren't really highchairs, that is booster seats that attach to a regular chair. The two commented on in our survey were from Mothercare; one was the Deluxe Folding Booster Seat and the other was un-named, both consist of a plastic booster seat with harness and detachable tray and have straps to attach to them to a normal kitchen chair. Positive comments were that they were easy to clean, didn't take up huge amounts of space, came apart easily and packed into a small space for use when travelling. The only negative being that they may not be great for bigger children.

Next was a proper highchair (plastic seat, own legs), the Ikea Antilop, again this scored points for ease of cleaning, simplicity and value for money. Ease of cleaning seemed to be the theme throughout this survey; not surprising really as cleaning two highchairs three times a day can start to take up quite a bit of time.

Keeping the chairs clean was the downfall of the Cosatto Aurora a plastic and metal chair which although gained praise for comfort and a good reclining position for weaning stage babies was let down by being described as "very fiddly to clean".

Finally in this short survey was the Stokke Tripp Trapp a wooden highchair different again to those above, this won praise for its ergonomic design, ease of cleaning and the added bonus that it converts to a normal chair once the children have finished with it.

So on the basis of our admittedly small sample group it would appear that the overriding factor when choosing a highchair is how easy it is to clean, simple designs generally being the best. Also a chair that has additional features such as converting to a normal chair or folding for travel seems to be a good idea too.