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This month's survey was on nappies, we had responses on all sorts including disposable and washable, so thanks again to all who took the time to write something.

Several types of washable nappies came up in our survey and we will deal with them first. They fall into two main categories shaped and flat; shaped are shaped absorbent fabric nappies that come either with an integral or a separate waterproof cover or wrap; flat nappies are either cotton or terry squares that are folded and used to line a waterproof cover or wrap. All are considered to be more environmentally friendly that disposables as they are washed and reused, also they often work out cheaper in the long run than disposables.

The shaped nappies mentioned in our survey were:

Fuzzi Buns comments were that they were easy to fit and wash but more expensive to buy than other washables.

Tots Bots were easy to fit and very absorbent, but like many washable nappies they also needed a paper liner and a separate waterproof wrap, so lots of bits to assemble and carry around.

In the Flat nappies category were:

Cotton Prefolds (6 layers of cotton stitched together that are folded to fit a wrap) with either Bambino Mio or MotherEase wraps, these are more cost effective than shaped nappies as they are cheaper to buy but again they need a paper liner and there are several bits to put together to make the nappy, despite this they were said to be easy to use and quick drying when washed.

The only negative comment received about washable nappies was that the fit of the wrap around slim or small babies wasn't very snug so there were some leaks as the babies got older and started to move around more.

On the disposable nappy front there are some that claim to be more environmentally friendly than others in that they are more biodegradable and contain less gel than standard disposables. Two type were commented on in our survey Moltex Oko and Nature Boy/Girl both were praised for their environmental credentials but on the negative side they are more expensive than standard disposables, plus our contributor said that the second size Moltex leaked.

Now we move on to standard disposable nappies, by far the most popular in our survey were Pampers New Baby/Active Fit these won points for the snuggness of fit, their stretchy sides and tabs, the nappy's softness, lack of bulk and most importantly no leaks. The only problem seems to be the cost as they are relatively expensive but as one of our members said - if you shop around you can usually find them on special offer at one of the supermarkets.

Pampers main rival are Huggies these also featured in our survey; good points were their absorbency and lack of leaks but bad ones were that they didn't have as much stretch so could be tight around the hips.

The only other disposables mentioned in the survey were Tesco's Super Fit these were praised as being almost as good as Pampers Active Fit, with a stretchy back panel and tabs, not too bulky and good absorbency plus they are half the price of Pampers!

So for the more environmentally conscious washable nappies create less waste, have good absorbency and for an initial outlay can last all the way through to toilet training, but they can be more fiddly and you have to wash and dry them!

Out of the disposables you can opt for the more expensive but more environmentally friendly biodegradable types or go with the majority vote for Pampers and look out for special offers.