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First of all thank you to everyone who took part in the survey, it was great that so many people took part. It only takes a minute but hopefully will give anyone trying to make a decision some help.

And now to the results:

By far the most popular buggy at the Tuesday morning group was the Maclaren Twin Traveller and those who had them were on the whole very happy, on the down side a couple of people mentioned that a bar on their buggies had snapped; so although the Twin Traveller scores well on weight, size and manoeuverability it falls down on robustness and off road ability.

The same was also the case for the Maclaren Rally Twin - light, narrow, small folded size but not good on rough terrain.

Also scoring well on weight and size was the Mamas and Papas Aria but again comments were that it was not good off road.

By contrast the Mothercare Urban Detour 3 wheeler was rated by it's owners as great for all terrain and easy to push although heavy to lift and not good for shopping due to it's size.

Another 3 wheeler the inStep Nipper seemed to tick all the boxes, good off road, light at 9kg and narrow 77cm the only drawbacks being it's large folded size and that one owner had suffered 4 punctures!

The Easylife All Terrain had a similar review to the other 3 wheelers, good on rough ground but heavy and bulky.

Moving back to the 4 wheeled pushchairs the Mothercare Atlanta Twin won points for ease of use, basket size and manoeuverability but didn't have a very small folded size and was heavier than the umbrella fold buggies.

This problem seems to have been overcome by the Graco Duorider Plus being a very light 7.4kg, with an easy fold mechanism and large basket.

Out final pushchair in the survey was the Bertini Twin Stroller a pram style pushchair with reversible handle, pneumatic tyres and a large basket, it had good manoeuverability but was larger than a lot of the other buggies especially when folded.

Overall most people seemed pretty pleased with their choice of pushchair - it all depends on what you want to do:

Light and compact with a small folded size and little wheels the Maclaren type buggies appear better for fitting in cars and going around town but won't take you easily across rough ground.

Bigger, wider 3 wheelers with pneumatic tyres are great for off road but more difficult to get about town and lift into car boots.

So if you want to do everything you probably need two different pushchairs, second hand ones do come up in the papers and there's always the twin's club sale!

If you wish to add your comments to our survey please contact us at