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Stage 1 Car Seats

This months survey covers Stage 1 Car seats; that's birth to 9 months/10kg. Thanks once more to everyone who took part.

The clear favourite seats for twin mum's was the Britax Rock-a-Tot; in fact all bar one of our contributors had Britax seats and these were almost exclusively the Rock-a-Tot.

The main points raised in the Rock-a-Tot's favour are that the seats are lightweight, easy to fit into most cars (Britax have a website that should tell you which of their seats fit into which make and model of car, although one person did comment that the website didn't mention that the seats would not fit in if the front seats were all the way back.) and that they are good for rocking babies in. The only downside seemed to be the lack of a hood/sunshade.

The other Britax seat mentioned in the survey was the CosyTot Premium; as you can tell from the name this is a more expensive seat than the basic Rock-a-Tot but it has features to match the higher price. It gets an excellent rating in the Which Guide due to its Side Impact Protection System and the seats have hoods which are detachable.

Lastly the only non Britax seat in the survey was a Maxi Cosi again this was praised for being lightweight, easy to install and had a comfortable reclined position for the babies. It also has a hood and a storage compartment on the back for dummies, etc.

Therefore the general opinion was the lightweight seats were best, as you have to carry two and that ease of installation was a major factor in deciding which seats to buy.

Remember that the most important thing to consider when choosing car seats is that they fit safely and securely into your car. Many manufacturers recommend that you check the fitting with a dealer or garage.